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Jadah, 3rd grader

I like to read because reading is fun. I get to go on magical adventures with some of my favorite characters in the stories. Pete the cat is one of my favorite characters. He's cool. And likes to dress fashionably.

Benjamin, 1st grader

I love bedtime stories at night from my nana.  I get to learn big words I didn't know before.

Matt, 8th grader

I love to read because there's always another book waiting to get read after.

Kristin, 3rd grader

I love to read because it's fun and it takes me places.  It also gives me ideas and helps me figure out what I may not know already.

Kelsie, Toddler

Loves it when mommy and daddy read to her. 

Alexis, 5th grader

I love to read because it helps occupy my time.  It is also very interesting to find out what happens in each book. 

Luke, 3rd grader

It's hard to start, but once I start, it's hard to stop.​

Elieen, 6th grader

I love to read because it takes me to so many different places and on so many adventures.

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